Trivia Night

Ferny Creek PS has joined forces with a neighbouring school and pre-school (Sassafras) to bring you our Toon Time Trivia Night! It sounds like it’s going to be a great night with lots of fun and hopefully not too tricky questions! Come and support these three local school/kinder… Call Amanda to book your seats!

Back to Earth… our submission (please vote!)

We have recently submitted our application to the ‘Back to Earth’ competition. At Ferny Creek primary school, we have a long history of teaching children the importance of valuing our environment.  We have put a project forward (The 3RRRs of Composting) where we will collect weeds and other green waste from the school grounds and any creek projects to grow veggies, flowers, native plants and tree saplings for our kids, families and community to enjoy.

FCPS Veggie patch maintenance crew in action

We are encouraging our families, friends and community to show their support for our school and our Back to Earth competition entry by vising this link and placing your vote for Ferny Creek Primary School –

Here is a snippet of what our application included:

PROJECT OVERVIEW (What do you want to do, build, buy, create? How does the project tie in to the Back to Earth Initiative? 

Our school has Ferny Creek running through the grounds.  This creek line and the adjacent vegetation provides habitat for a number of rare species and is a haven for local wildlife.  The EnviroKnights, a group of more than 40 children from the School, are involved with managing the creek and clearing weeds.  We wish to buy two compost tumblers, three worm farms and build three ‘potted paddock inground worm farms’.  All weeds and green waste will be recovered by the EnviroKnights and parents during working bees for recycling.  The children will use the composts to (i) grow and propagate indigenous plants to re-vegetate new areas of the School grounds, (ii) grow vegetables and flowers for the kitchen and sensory gardens, and (iii) grow trees for planting through the school’s sustainability program.  The whole school community, Friends of Ferny Creek, Southern Dandenongs Landcare will be partners for this project.

PROJECT OUTCOMES (What are the expected outcomes/benefits of the project? Who will the project benefit? Selection Criteria 2) 

By recovering, recycling and our re-use of weeds from the creek and school grounds, the children will (i) understand the reasons why weed removal creates healthy waterways and habitats; (ii) participate in activities that grow plants that can be used in the kitchen garden program, the school grounds and re-vegetate areas with local indigenous plants and (iii) grow trees for planting to capture carbon to reduce each child’s future environmental footprint – if you plant 4 trees per year for 3 years, in 10 years each child will have a way of offsetting their personal emissions of greenhouse gases permanently.

Welcome Week 2019

Come along and see us in action every morning during our Welcome Week between 9-11am.

Join us for storytime (pajamas optional but encouraged!) on Wednesday 29th May between 6-7:30pm. Listen to at least one story in the Junior school and at least one story in the Senior school to be in the running to win one of our ‘Storytime Hampers’ on the night!

Hope to see lots of familiar faces throughout the week and meet some new ones too!