Welcome to all of our new families in Foundation and out other grades – and welcome back to all of our returning students & staff!

Christmas Concert : Thurs, 10th December


Another fun filled evening is heading our way! It’s the annual Ferny Creek Primary Christmas Concert. All grades perform, as do the class bands. It’s a rocking Rudolph kinda night! Look out for jingles, tinsel & sizzle…

5:00pm : Evening kicks off with food / drinks and catching up with one & all!

6:15pm : Kids to be ready to perform…

6:30pm : Class performances begin!

See you there with your sleigh bells on!

Production Photos Available!


pirates+fcps-logoPhotos from Pirates of the Curry Bean are now available.

Orders can be placed from 14th September through until 9th October.
All prints will be sent home via your children or available for collection from the office later in Term 4.
Pay using PayPal or Offline (bring payment to the office).
Thanks again for supporting the production and fund raising at Ferny Creek Primary


See Tiqbiz for login details – or ask at the office.



A Piratical Thank You

pirates-thankyouThank you everybody for your wonderful efforts, not only over the past few days, but for the long journey since around this time last year. I mentioned some key people on Wednesday night but I want to reiterate their efforts, and the efforts of many others, in writing.

The work Doug McKay and Cheryl Martin have done with sets and props has been remarkable. Cheryl has always also been thinking of the so many obvious things that need doing that I don’t think of! Thank you both of you for your late nights and weekends working up at school this term! Not too many of us know about the number of hours you have put in! Thanks also to Jim and Elizabeth Green for the beautiful beach box! Stunning.

We started costuming with Karlene Banfield late last year and she set us on the path to complete this huge task. As circumstances changed we welcomed Becky Barlow on board. Their work with Emma Jenning’s creative ideas and their team of dedicated sewers, cutters, gluers, etc. has again surpassed all expectations. Weren’t the actors’ faces so well made up? Another brilliant effort from Mal Gajdek and Karina Phillips and their team of helpers!

Emma Jennings. What a creative genius! Thank you for your inspired designs for both our costumes and sets. Thank you for the whispers in my ear to ensure everything was ‘shipshape’!

coby-thankyouThankyou to Coby Beatson for her wonderfully warm and creative directing of our senior cast. It was wonderful to see the students enjoy themselves and be so willing to step out of their comfort zones. To watch their growth over the term was very satisfying.

Kristy Foskett and Beth Byrne were always with us when needed. Beth has always been such a great help during all previous productions and continued to be so through this production. Kristy has lived through her first Ferny Creek production and survived. Her assistance with direction on Coby’s ‘days off’ was also a factor to the show’s success.

Tracey Hedger was also with us from the start with prompting the kids and letting us know when and where improvement could be made. Your work as prompt on the nights was again so valuable Tracey. Thanks.

Melody Peterson. Wow! Two days a week as Performing Arts teacher and you prepared our students so well. You created two songs yourself and taught all of the others to every grade. Your choreography of items and arranging ex student Mitch Chapman and Mums Cassie O’Sullivan and Cassandra Waker to choreograph others is another task you completed with terrific results. Thanks choreographers! You managed to form the show band and have them ‘trained’ up beautifully! Music teachers Dean Moore, Evan Lineham, parents Grant Cummerford and Jamie Saxe, and Don Laughton again proved that a live band adds so much to the show. Thank you all.

Carly Massey and Karlee Code and their team of photographers have produced another brilliant ‘album’ reflecting all stages of the production. I have had teachers from our local high school and a local primary tell me that the photography on display was better than anything they have, or ever could, produce. And that was only with viewing the photos in the theatre foyer! Wait until they see all the rehearsal, costuming, backstage and show pictures. We have such a wonderful photographic archive of another great show. We can’t wait for the DVD to be completed. Another wonderful parent in Brian Baker has taken this on board for us again. Thank you Brian.

As we got closer to show week, the pace quickened. Jill was calmly managing the office area with many enquiries and demands. Jane Marsden stepped in to manage the printing of fantastic Paul Gilliot designed souvenir program for no cost to the school. Thank you Jane. Sets and props slowly began to be completed, costumes were tried on, restyled, resewn and tried on again. The kids continued to work hard and we continued to be so pleased with their positive attitude. We had full rehearsals without costumes, dress rehearsals, rehearsals with the band, long all day rehearsals and short sharp rehearsals. We pulled out grades to work with the senior cast, we spent Monday at the theatre. We pushed on to our first

performance on Tuesday night. We packed all the sets and props, loaded them onto the truck and set up for the shows. Costumes were also carefully packed and transported to various dressing rooms at Burrinja.

I set this scene because I don’t think we recognise enough all of the background people who now stepped up and worked flat out so tirelessly for the next two days and nights.

No one would have seen Anna Moulday hidden up the back in the control room doing all the sound effects and working with our lighting director, especially on the wonderful – student designed- backdrops. Thank you Anna.

Bec Cranmer has quietly liaised with Burrinja Café for all our restaurant and kiosk needs. Thanks Bec.

Rhian Jessup, with help from Lynda Russell and others, setting up the wonderful foyer display I have mentioned before.

The teams of helpers backstage – that’s all the Mums and teachers and student teachers.

Then we have Beth Byrne, Katrina Lockett, Doug McKay, Cheryl Martin helping Coby and I at side stage, Nat Bates, Allen Kropp, Adam Crotty, Kristy Foskett and Helen Ainsworth in the senior dressing-room areas and Heather Pickett, Rhian Jessop, Natalie Wood, Kelly Jacob, Alison Allison, Toshi Takahashi and our student teachers willingly taking on the hardest role of all – managing all F-4 students in the black box change rooms upstairs Thankyou!!!

We had over 100 parents, grandparents, older siblings and school staff on our helpers list. Many of these also contributed on at least one night upstairs in the black room, in the main dressing rooms, and backstage during the shows.

What an example of community working together to create something of such high quality. Enough said, except thank you, thank you and thank you!

Matthew Coyle


Working Bee : 8th August

We are having an all school Working Bee to prep the grounds for Spring. There are also plenty of indoor jobs to be attacked with vigour! Please spare an hour or two and help keep the school humming!



Holidays are upon us…

The year is whizzing by…!

Term 2 – ends
Friday 26th June – school finishes early at 2:30
(after school care is available from 2:30)

Term 3 – starts
Monday 13th July – enjoy your holidays everyone!

Music Soirée Night!

Jam packed and tunes aplenty! Our students learning guitar, piano, drums, voice and violin performing for family and friends!  Thanks to our wonderful music team Dean, Melody and Evan for organising.

image image image image

Japanese Day! Wed 17th June.

ImpositionFive different workshops across the day.
Students can wear any Japanese costume.
Or red & white – the colours of the Japanese flag.
Sushi is available on the lunch order menu, or maybe you could bring ramen noodles? Either way it will be oodles of fun!

70’S Disco Fever!

70s-discoFriday 19th June 2015

Junior Disco – 5.00pm – 6.30pm (Prep to Grade 3)
Senior Disco 7.00pm – 9.00pm (Grade 3 to Grade 6)

NB: Grade 3 students can choose which disco they’d prefer to go to!

Pre-purchased tickets are
$6.00 for one child OR ;
$12.00 per family
Tickets will be $7.00 each on the night.

A letter has been sent home to enable tickets to be bought. Primary school aged family and friends may also attend.

Drinks & small treats will be available for purchase on the night.

Trivia Night Success!

THANK YOU to the generosity of all of our supporters, donors, families & guests – what a night – it was so much fun. We SMASHED our target and have raised a staggering figure of just over $7,000 towards our playground upgrade later in the year. Thank you once more, and see you again next year!

Remember to support our wonderful supporters!

Here are some happy snaps from the night showing the some of the people, prizes and games!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Open Night Fun

A fantastic & fun evening exploring the school – displays, performances, questions and answers! Just a handful of snaps from the night. Well done everyone!

If you missed the night, plenty of our displays are still up – so give your self a self guided tour – or if you are new family interested in Ferny Creek Primary for your children, then please contact our principal Matthew Coyle via the office and we will happily arrange a school tour.


Veggie Patch & Seed Saving display in the multipurpose room

Artwork display from all classes in the multipurpose room

Artwork display from all classes in the multipurpose room

Book Club in Senior school area

Book Club in Senior school area

Junior school 1/2 classroom exploration

Junior school 1/2 classroom exploration


Historic Toy Display (aka how to make parents feel like a piece of history!)

Ferny Creek Primary : Education Week 2015

Our Ferny Creek Education Week celebrations are from Tuesday (after Pupil Free Day) 26th May to Friday 29th May. A key feature of Education Week is to open up schools to their communities to provide the opportunity to see all the exciting activities and programs that happen on a regular basis.

We are very proud of many great things about our school and look forward to showing these to our current parent community and their families, and to potential students of our school.

During our week we will have:

• An Open Morning on Wednesday 27th May. Parents, friends, relatives are invited to come into their children’s classrooms and witness our school at work on a normal morning.

• Wednesday 27th May, 9:00am – 9.45am, 2016 Foundation students attending a ‘Teddy Bears Playdate’, games and songs session. Bring your favourite teddy too! Parents are invited to enjoy a school tour by the Principal while this is on.

• Thursday 28th May, Open Night 6.00pm – 8.00pm  Come to the school and explore our facilities and talk with parents students and teachers.

• Friday 29th May, Pyjama Day. All Ferny Creek PS to dress in pyjamas and share favourite books with teachers’ and students from all over the school.

Flying Doctors at Ferny Creek Primary!

flying-doctors-2015Ferny Creek Primary School enjoyed a special visitor last week, with the Royal Flying Doctors touching down.
The event featured an aero-medical simulator and a life-size replica of a Flying Doctors plane fuselage, fitted out with communications and medical equipment.
The students were encouraged to climb inside the simulator fuselage to see how the medical equipment works.
They also had the chance to be strapped in to a stretcher, try on the headphones and speak in the microphones.

Mini Ranges Basketball

ranges-roar-logoRANGES BASKETBALL CLUB will be running Mini Ranges for 5 weeks commencing on;

Date: Wednesday 13th May
Time: 4.30pm – 5.30pm
Where: Monbulk College sports stadium.

This is a full court session with the aim of teaching basic ball handling skills to 6 – 10 year old children. Bring a ball if you have one!

For further information or to book a place ring Carey on 0417 398 834 or Information can be sought from :
Emma Johansson (Ferny Creek PS)
Kathy Boyd (Sassy PS)
Megan Ford (The Patch PS)
Danny Leonard (Mt D PS)
Simone Hall (Kallista)

If you are 7 – 22 and would like to play the Winter 2015 season starting on 23 May ring or email Carey ct3103@bigpond.com