School Profile

Ferny Creek Primary School was established in 1895 and today continues to serve a residential community on Melbourne’s outer-suburban fringe in the environmentally sensitive Dandenong Ranges. The school provides a focal point for its community, and enjoys a high level of parent participation in classroom programs and school activities.

Our core purpose is to provide the Ferny Creek Community with a comprehensive primary education for all students that will empower them, to reach their full academic, social and physical potential, thus providing them with the necessary skills for Life Long Learning. Our school is a school whose children, parents and teachers are treated with respect and dignity; a school where everyone is welcome and accepted as they are; a school where staff, parents and School Council are responsive to the needs of students; a school which reflects the character, nature and values of its community.

Ferny Creek Primary School promotes integrity, lifelong learning and the attainment of excellence. Student engagement and school connectedness is vital for effective student learning. A key to our engagement and connectedness is our Student Engagement Statement. The three areas we focus on are;

Behavioural engagement : a student’s participation in education, including academic, social and extracurricular activities of the school.

Emotional engagement : a student’s emotional reactions in the classroom and in the school, a sense of belonging and connectedness.

Cognitive engagement : a student’s investment in learning and their intrinsic motivation and self regulation.

The school strongly emphasises the importance, for successful education, of the home-school partnership and there is a high level of co-operation between parents, staff and children. This emphasis is reflected in the day-to-day involvement of parents in a range of school activities and in the teamwork and shared ownership that is evident in the consultative and collaborative decision making processes which are in place.