School Team

2019 Grade Structures and Staffing Information

Principal : Anni Smart

Business Manager : Jill Heathcote

Foundation R : Rhian Jessop

Foundation L : Lisa Seymour

Year 1/2 B: Brian Graham

Year 1/2 K : Kelly Jacob and Helen Ainsworth

Year 3/4 CD : Cheryl Martin and Doug McKay

Year 3/4S : Samantha Grey

Year 5/6A : Adam Crotty

Year 5/6C : Coby Beatson and Melody Petersen

Physical Education : Lisa Seymour

Visual Arts: Doug McKay

Japanese: Toshi Takahashi

Education Support Staff : Beth Byrne, Tracey Hedger, Katrina Lockett, Dana West, Fleur Green

The 2019 School Council
Anni Smart, Principal (Executive Officer)

Cheryl Martin

Rhian Jessop

Brian Graham

Parent representatives:
Jenny Royle  (President)

Julian Hill

Michelle Spencer (Treasurer)

Kerryn Jones (Minutes Secretary)

Sharon Neal

Bek Cranmer

Neisha Packer

Committee Coordinators:

Finance: Michelle Spencer

Education, Policy and Planning: Anni Smart

Building and Grounds: Steve O’Connor

Communications: Cheryl Martin

Fundraising/Parent Club: Bek Cranmer